The Eve of Work! Oh no!


It is the Eve of Work and all through the house, Vanessa is screaming and off in a pout!
With a dramatic flare and full of doubt,
she struggles to think how will she dare;
to climb out of bed so early with care.

Okay, so I am not a poet. However, the realization that work has finally come back into the routine has most definitely hit! Deep down I was hoping that my cold would continue and I would be a walking germ incapable of returning to work. Not so. God has faithfully answered my prayers of healing just in time for my God-given job to return. I really do enjoy my job, most days, like most other things. And I know those eager faces will be waiting to be taught so many delightful things, but the past two weeks have been so wonderful that I really do not want to leave my house! I have gotten so many things organized and cleaned, only to wish that I had the time to tackle the other half of the house. Christmas decorations are still on display and lighted to some of our neighbors dismay! Okay... there goes my rhyming again.

The coffee pot is set for 5:35 a.m. and the cups set on the counter. Lunch boxes are ready to be filled and my mind is flickering to what I will wear. I've showered, so I won't be in a rush and I have made resolutions... all of which will likely fly out the window when my fingers hit the snooze.

1)Become an early person.
2)Wake up at 4:30 and work out.
3)Have a quiet time (in the morning).
4)Leave for work early, so I will have time to orient myself back into "teacher" mode.

Okay... if you are not laughing at this list, then you do not know me very well.

1)I am NOT a morning person, yet God has given me a job that I have to wake-up early.
2)I have never worked out in the morning... I leave that for the morning person.
3)Unfortunately, morning quiet times are few and in between. This is one resolution that I really do earnestly want to get better at doing with a sincere heart.
4)Towards the end of the year, I was leaving about 20 minutes too late, so I think that this is a realistic goal to try to leave by 7 a.m. instead of 7:15, 7:19, or 7:20. All of the latter are leaving too late, by the way.

I am also sad because blogging is hard to get to during the week. For you faithful readers, if I have any at all, then I want you to know that I resolve to try to blog at least twice during the week!

All of the above depends on going to bed early. So right now at 8:27 p.m. I need to blow dry my hair and climb into bed and read my Bible as I fall asleep!

So here me exclaim as I leave you tonight,
Merry Work Eve to you, and to all a good night.

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