How bout a recovery day!


We have exactly three days until we will be leaving for the anniversary trip that Hart planned for us up in Montreat, NC. Our friends and mentors, the Daley's, have lent their home for us to use to celebrate our first year of marriage together! Right now, my house is very messy. Christmas stuff everywhere, christmas presents that need to find a home, unpacking to be done, then repacking, and regular ol'cleaning to be done! But before I start worrying about my house, today is going to be a destressed morning because, my best friend and I are going to go get a massage at Tonic Day Spa. We have December birthdays that are 10 days apart and so our husbands decided to bless us with an hour long massage since we are such hardworking women! haha! We have amazing husbands! I have never had a professional massage before. I'm sure it is going to be lovely, but I do have some reservations about being half naked on a table. Thankfully, they only have women massagers.

My mom said I am just going to want to come home and nap, so I do not have high ambitions about getting much accomplished around the house today, so that leaves me being super motivated tomorrow and Wednesday!

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