We are still not done with Christmas!


This morning is Sunday and our travels have ceased for a few days and I am looking forward to unpacking everything and just relaxing! We got back from D.C. around 6:15 yesterday, even though we left at 7 am. This trip should only take about 7 hrs. We took it a little slower coming back because we stopped to eat lunch at Subway, using a Christmas gift card to eat, and then we visited a bustling outlet mall. Last year, we were coming home from Florida for the first time together as husband and wife to our home, the day after Christmas. We were so excited and ready to be home together and sleep in "our" bed for the first time, but along the way we had stopped at St. Augustine outlet malls and boy did we hit the sales! We spent around $200 last year, but we really didn't spend hardly anything this whole year on clothing, so when we were driving up to D.C. and we saw an outlet mall, we decided we could fit it into our budget!

It was crazy, but we did end up finding some great things that were super cheap, or as a billboard that I read along the way "MUCHO CHEAPO"! Oh that billboard made me laugh! Especially, the Spanish major that I was.

Anyways, while we have had Christmas with Hart's entire side of the family the weekend before Christmas, and then spent it with my dad's side during Christmas, now, we get to spend Christmas, today, with my mom's side. I'm taking a sweet potato casserole that my mother-in-law gave us that was already put together. Just thaw, heat, and serve!

First to church, which I am so looking forward to!

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