Christmas in DC: Such a Lovely Time!


The last few days before leaving for D.C. were a little stressful. We had to finish up gifts, pack, plan, take care of Abe, and leave! Driving the 7 hours that it takes to get up here was a little boring, but we made if fun with a stop at the sketchy "South of the Border" where we took our pictures in sombreros, playing the alphabet game of trying to find words that begin with letters, singing Feliz Navidad, and talking! It was nice to be alone with my husband for 7 hours and enjoy him! I was also REALLY excited about coming up to D.C. with him because in all 4 years of dating, engagement, and marriage we have never come up here together to be with my dad's side of the family.

Since arriving in D.C. we have enjoyed several sweet blessings and it is not even Christmas Day! After enjoying seeing my dad, step-mom, sister and brother, I got to open up my birthday presents! From my dad and step-mom, I got this absolutely beautiful Coach purse that is on the large side to fit anything I would ever need (including a small dog)! I know it is silly to be so excited about a purse, but I honestly adore it! Then, I got this really pretty turquoise scarf from my sister that is so warm and fun!

Later, we went to the National Harbor where there is this gorgeous hotel called the Gaylord. It is absolutely awesome and it is all decorated for Christmas with giant banners of lights hanging from the ceiling around a huge glass tree that is suspended from the ceiling as well. We met my sister's boyfriend, Jim, who is training to be a Navy sailor. He is really sweet and adds a fun element to our family mix. Then we went to dinner at Rose Mexicano, which is a fancy Mexican restaurant that is absolutely DELICIOUS! They have this guacamole dip that a waiter prepares right in front of you and it is amazing! All their tortillas are hand-made, so they taste awesome with whatever you put on them. We celebrated my birthday with dessert!

We checked into the hotel and crashed!! However, we are on the 10th floor, so our views are amazing and it is neat to look at all the snow covered roof tops and we can see the air-force monument from down the hall.

Today was a great day, both relaxing and fun. Hart, Tyler and I got ready and went down to the hotel for breakfast at the hotel diner. It was decorated like a 50s diner and breakfast was amazing! While we waited for my dad to finish working out, we came upstairs and did a family Bible study together. After a little while, we decided to walk to meet my dad and so we walked in the snow, throwing snowballs along the way to Starbucks to warm up by the fire.

My dad grabbed a cup of coffee, and we went to my Dad's condo to enjoy the fam. Hart played the guitar and we sang some Christmas hymns, before we all went ice skating together.

It reminded me of a movie because the ice rink was outside surrounded by little shops and people everywhere and Christmas lights! But then the fun began because Hart had not ice skated since he was way young, so we all tried teaching him. He got the hang of it eventually, but maybe we need a few more times to perfect his skills. I definitely wiped out a few times and once the Skate Guard had to help me up because I ran into my brother and made him wipe out, too! It was hilarious.

After warming back up at the condo, eating a great meal, and watching a little TV, we bundled up and headed out to the Mall to see the White House and the National Christmas Tree. We warmed up by the Yule Log and took in the sweet sites in the cold Christmas Eve air.

We have laughed a lot and really enjoyed being together as a family! I'm so glad I get to share all this with Hart and I wish we could be here longer! However, I am trying to just focus on the fact that tomorrow is Christmas and we still have another day before we head back home! I really enjoy D.C. and especially because it is a White Christmas here, it really feels like Christmas!

I know that we are so blessed to get to do all the things we have already done and have the opportunity to open up so many presents tomorrow and be a part of this family. God is so good to us! I am thankful that Jesus came down from Heaven to be born as a man, being fully God, so that we may have salvation! Christmas is such a lovely time!

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