Spiritual Driftedness


The first time we went to Columbia Crossroads we heard a sermon on Spiritual Driftedness. It was one of those sermons you hear the Holy Spirit say, "Wake UP! Look where you are and how far you are from where I have led you." When I took a look at my life, I realized that I did not have a desire to love God's Word or even read it much out of the fact that I should because I OUGHT to because thats what a good person does. One of the first things that I heard at our new church was this: If the Law if the form of a person walked through the door right now... WHAT would that look like to you? If it looks like a brutal, strict, mean man ready to pounce on you, well, then you have the wrong picture of it because the Law in the form of man is Jesus. A man that scripture describes as "perfect, the source of salvation to all who obey him, a high priest designated by God." One that is able to sympathize with our weaknesses, tempted as we are, yet without sin (Heb. 4:15). And One that says for us the draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. v.16.

I needed to receive mercy and find grace, desperately, because the woman I had become was happy on the outside, but dead to Christ on the inside.

Over that past two months a revival has taken place in my heart. I have stopped going through the motions of life. I have felt the teachings of Jesus thaw my frozen outlook on life. All of the judgements that I held towards others inside the Christian community and those outside of it, all of the little silly laws that I kept to make myself feel like a good Christian, and much of the sin in my life have slid off and been left at the cross of Christ. I have talked a little about this freedom that I felt with this happening, but I think what is so amazing is that when you realize that what Jesus has done on the cross has already been finished, you cannot help but to respond to it. For me, that has looked like I am no longer trying to cover up with a happy face. I am trying to be authentic, no more faking it, and to walk in newness of life by the power of Jesus Christ alone. I am serving others more with a different attitude. I do not say this to toot my own horn. I truly know that before this happened, I served, but this time it is a little different because there is more love in my actions.

I have to ask, "Who is this King of Glory, with pure hands and pure feet, that died for me?
-His name is Jesus and wherever you are, he is ready to help you find grace and mercy to help in time of need.

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