Finally on Break!


Yesterday was the last day of school. The students were only at school for a half-day and then the School Board hosted a lunch for the faculty.

This week was a blur. I was more exhausted each day than the day before and more ready for break each second. I needed rest. It was busy due to many reasons. Mostly, because we, meaning Hart and I, do not normally do things during the week. This week I went to a girls Bible study on Tuesday, met a friend for coffee on Wednesday, then came home and stayed up really LATE baking and preparing Christmas gifts for the people I work with. I was not a good Time Manager, at home or at school! My cluttered house that still is sitting everywhere is testimony to THAT!

During the faculty lunch, I seriously wanted to cry because I was so tired and I probably would have, if I did not feel the Lord tell me to go to my room and be by myself to finish up work!

However, there were a lot of blessings the last few days of school in the form of FOOD. For instance, my class prepared a lasagna, salad, and plenty of goodies to take home for my birthday. If they only knew, how perfect that was! Then, I got to take home some of the Zorbas that we ate for lunch at the faculty lunch. So, right there, I do not have to cook for the entire weekend!!! God giving me rest from my kitchen!

Last night, we ate some of the food, watched an episode of Lost, then decided to take Abe to the dog park. I love the dog park. I enjoy watching all the dogs run around and play and laughing at them with the other owners. My plan was to summon some energy to run around the field while they played, but that didn't happen because it was SO COLD! So after about an hour, we came back home, got in pjs, made hot chocolate, snuggled up on the couch and watched Madagascar: Return 2 Africa, which is absolutely hilarious, by the way. We went to bed about 10 and I slept in until 8 a.m. (That is sleeping in for me, since, I normally, wake up at 5:30).

I packed Hart's lunch today, since, he normally packs mine, grabbed my Bible and 365 days with Calvin book and poured my heart out to God in prayer. I can't remember the last time I was able to have such an awesome quiet time with the Lord. Finally, still enough to listen. (What I learned could be another blog post!)

I'm gonna stay in for the better part of the day. I have some mailing to do at the post office and a trip to the bank in order. However, I think I will do a work out video, get ready, then clean up this house and all the cluttered Christmas stuff, the excess pile of mail all over the counter, the dishes that need to be cleaned and put away, maybe make something to give to our neighbors for Christmas. Mostly, I am just going to enjoy being home, off from work for 2 weeks, and focus on the fact that we have been married for almost 1 year (20th), my birthday (21st), Christmas, family, and why we even celebrate anything at all: Jesus!

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