Saving 50% on Groceries


This past Wednesday, I went to Bi-Lo to get some groceries because we were basically low on all meat. I used a few coupons for some other things, like pasta, spaghetti sauce, and ice cream. I grabbed some chicken, ground beef, a sirloin tip, and some italian sausage (that I got for like super cheap with some coupons). Everything was on sale and I headed for the register. I didn't really even look at what I saved until I got into my car to drive away. As I looked down, I couldn't believe it. I saved exactly 50% on groceries for the first time ever! I spent a total of $91 and saved $45, spent $45. It was really cool, but the cooler thing, was that it caused me to just stop and pray. I thanked God for groceries, for the ability to be able to save money, for THAT wisdom, for how he blesses our family, and for His incredible love! It was a sweet time in prayer with the Lord. AND all because we saved money on food! haha! Gotta love it!

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