Christmas Comes Early at the Traylor Home!


This past Saturday morning Hart and I celebrated Christmas (just the two of us)! We will be up in Washington, DC over Christmas celebrating with my dad and his wife. So, Hart wanted relaxed time together to open up the gifts that we gave to each other. We both got one big gift and one little gift! lol. Here are the pictures! Of course, we mustn't forget ABE!

I made this toy for Abe. It is just a bunch of fleece strips tied together! He loves it and it is a good tug-a-war toy!

Hart got The Fiddler's Gun by Pete Peterson. A book he wanted from The Rabbit Room.

I got my Kitchen Aid mixer! Hart also got me bisquick, so that I could make him breakfast and try out my new gift!

This was Hart's "big" gift, which came in a small package. It is an M-Audio Pro Tools Recording Studio that records music. It came with software to put on the computer. Instead of a massive sound board that sits in our office, he can use this little petite box instead! I love it! Mostly, because it takes up hardly any space!

It was a sweet time to enjoy what we picked out for each other and celebrate Christmas!

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