Looking forward to Thanksgiving Break!


Today was Grandparent's Day at my school. We have been practicing for a couple months on memorizing Ephesians 6:10 - 19 and a poem called Evening by Thomas Miller. They arrived and while we were waiting for everything to begin. One of my children had the idea that they could all go around the table and pray and thank God for something they were thankful for. My heart melted as they went around the table and prayed. Their prayers were so sweet, so humble, and so godly. I almost cried. Finally, it all began and as my kids stood across the stage of Lexington Presbyterian Church, my legs felt like Jell-o. Despite my nervousness, they pulled it off so amazingly. The Church was filled with family, including, of course, their Grandparents. My gramie came, too. Afterwards, the grandparents came to my classroom and looked at all the projects set up around the room. Then, I got to leave and start my break (except for Monday, which is Parent/Teacher Conferences). But still, it is basically BREAK, and certainly a time to be thankful!

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