We rearranged the living room!


All week I knew that Saturday would be the day that we cleaned our house. No plans to go anywhere, which is unusual, and the house needed a deep clean. My mom taught me that the best way to clean is to move things. So we did. We moved out the couch and the tables and while we were doing this, I could not help the desire to figure out a better way to set up Hart's lap top which sat on a little wicker table next to the television in the midst of tons of cables/wires. I had this idea to put a desk in the living room, even though we have an office in one of our spare rooms, because the lap top was always in our living room, mostly due to the fact that we use it as a way to watch television, since we have no cable. I moved the desk that was in our dining room, which our microwave sat on, to the living room. We still need to center the picture that hangs above the couch. These photos were taken before we have done that. Here they are!

This is the new little desk area that we created.

The TV area didn't really change much!

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