Reflections on 2015: Dream Large & Pray!


I am having some reflection time since I am feeling a little under the weather today! 2015 was a recovery year in many ways for myself. Recovering from being spent as a foster mom, recovering from having a baby with a rare bone marrow disorder and figuring out what that life meant for us, and mostly just falling into complacency with life and circumstances as I rushed between countless doctor appointments! It was an awesome year in many ways! We finally bought a 2nd vehicle for Hart, after a year as a 1 car family! And raising these boys, I constantly find myself smiling watching them play, grow, and learn! 

Around November as the Lord called Hart into ministry and support raising, he called me, as well, into real estate, and early December I wrote down my goals. That's when I realized that I had been floating and going nowhere most of the year, that I had stopped dreaming LARGE, and next to that, my prayer life was almost nonexistent. 

I think, as a Christian, we sometimes don't dream. And most of us don't pray. Or if we do pray, we don't remember how much God can really do! 

For me, dreaming is tied to praying almost like 2-in-1. I want to be content with everything that God has given and through all things, be content, as hard as that is. We end up thinking that contentment is the opposite of dreaming, like we cannot do both! We forget how amazing and mighty God is and how when you ask in Jesus name and that His will be done, there is great freedom in that! We, as Christians can dream big things, because we serve a BIG God that answers prayers, even the smallest ones! 

I am definitely not saying that if we pray all our dreams will come true, just that it's important to lift those dreams up to God in prayer, because as we do, His will becomes ours! 

As I look into 2016, all I can do is pray for God's will and trust that he will do it, but by dreaming and asking what he wants from me through prayer, I am not just sitting idly by being ineffective for God's kingdom forgetting that God calls us to action for His glory! I want to be asking God to use me in big ways in my family, in our church, in real estate, and my community! So, I will dream large & pray!

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