Bubble Soccer - Men's Retreat


As I mentioned in my previous posts, part of the time spent on the Men's Retreat was just having fun. People played football, basketball, mountain biked, ping-pong, corn hole and hiked. But the highlight was playing bubble soccer.

As you can see in the above picture, bubble soccer is at is sounds. You are literally in a bubble, and playing soccer (well, attempting to play). I say attempting  because first, it's actually difficult to do much of anything in those bubbles. It's hard to see out of them because they're pretty cloudy/blurry, so you can't really see the ball and it's hard to tell who is who on the field, and it's actually pretty exhausting running around carrying the bubble. Second, let's be real, all you want to do is knock each other down. So even though a game of soccer was taking place, you're pretty much just looking to level someone. All of that added up means eventually you just are looking for someone to deck, and when the opportunity arises you take it, even if it means it's your own team mate.

After we played several games of 'soccer' we got rid of the soccer ball and just played chicken. So without further adieu, here are some videos of us playing chicken...

This first video is of me (on the left) and my buddy Stephen (right):
This collision was probably the best. The guy on the left got so much speed, so quickly, the guy opposite him had no chance:

The 2 camp staff guys that were overseeing the bubble soccer mentioned it was worth having one guy jump up in the air right before impact. Which gave us this awesome video:

The Men's Retreat was an overall success. As you can see we had some fun, which allowed for our men to further build and strengthen, as well as create new relationships and friendships with one another. And most importantly Christ was proclaimed and lifted high. Thanks for y'all's support!

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