Judah - 3 months


This little butterball is 3 months old! He turned 3 months on the 20th of June! Life has been non-stop since his birth with all of Judah's health stuff! We are praising Jesus that his Neupogen is working for him and his ANC levels have been 1400 - 1700 the last month on it. Months 2 to 3 were uneventful health-wise for Judah and for that I am SERIOUSLY thankful! Thankful that all it included was weekly trips to the hospital for labs, running to a myriad of dr appts, and his daily shots! Our new normal! Every night that we give his shot, we pray that God would heal Judah, that the Neupogen would never give him crazy side effects, that his body would begin to make it's own neutrophils and that he would never develop leukemia, cancer, or other complications. Right now, we don't have have to worry about a bone marrow transplant while the Neupogen is working well. However, if it ever stops working for him, we will have to do the transplant. 

While having great levels, we will always be cautious with him! Continuing to wash hands, not be around anyone sick, wipe down restaurant tables, avoid major crowds and public swimming pools, or day-care and nursery type settings. It has altered life for us, but it's worth it to have him healthy and happy!
Enjoying his sink bath!
Judah is quite the miracle baby. His spirit is so sweet and tender and when I tell him about Jesus, he just listens with his whole little being. I know that it seems crazy, but I feel like Judah gives all of himself to whoever he is with. He listens and gazes and talks and focuses on you with all he's got. He truly amazes me with all he has been through, to love the way he does!
 He is SUCH a chunk! He weighed in at 14lbs 2 oz at 3 months, so you would think he would be a good little sleeper for me. NOPE! He is quite the opposite! He still wakes me up 1 - 2 (or 3 on rough nights) times a night! He is quite persistent or else I would ignore him. Okay, truth be told, I go to him pretty quickly, but I think with his SCN, it makes me nervous to just let him CIO, plus he is sharing with his brother and I don't want him to wake up Cai! His naps are kind of shoddy, too! I try everything to get him to sleep better! Cai was a much better sleeper at this point, but we are sort of behind the curve and there are times when I can TELL he is struggling with bone pain or just not feeling well, so he gets lots of extra cuddles, despite me being exhausted! All in all, we are making it, and I would love to sleep more, and hope to soon! (Right?!)
We just got word that Judah's ENT wants to do another ear tubes surgery on August 15th! We will be putting in a larger tube and doing a more extensive hearing test afterwards that will help us determine if Judah's hearing loss from his ruptured ear drums is permanent or not! We, of course, pray NOT!
 Now just for fun! Here's a little comparison of Judah and Cai at 3 months with Fievel! I wasn't able to get months 1 and 2 with Fievel for Judah, but we started at 3 months! It will be fun to see how he changes each month! I had Fievel when I was little and with Cai he was our largest stuffed animal, hence his month by month pictures!
And by himself with Fievel! 
And from months 2 (left) to 3(right).... I feel like he hasn't changed too much! 
And I will leave you with Cai loving on Judah baby! They have such a sweet special bond! I love it!

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