Embracing Full Time Motherhood


This is me in the back of our minivan embracing my current stage of life in motherhood. Three kids is NO joke! Especially when 1 is a newborn and the middle is 17 months. Add in the 3 year old and it's a beautiful disaster every day! 
This is how I normally look these days! 

With all of Judah's health issues, we have decided I need to be home full time to care for him as we figure out his body and how he responds as a neutropenic. I won't be returning to teach my beloved fifth graders. It was such a hard decision for me to come to, even though I knew it was what I had to do and what made the most sense for our family! Hart is so supportive and God is so amazing in how he provides! Hart's real-estate work with The Mather Co. has been thriving lately and we give God all the glory that we can have me stay home without having to change too much right now. Although, we are down to just 1 car again! But the good thing is that we have Hart's mom's car on occasion and Charlie's Tahoe to go between. The other good thing is that I rarely go places during the week unless I have to, because dragging 3 small children anywhere is, again, a beautiful disaster! It's much easier to just stay home right now! 

But back to making the decision to stay home. I loved LOVED my job, but I am grateful to reduce stress in this already stressful stage of having 3 very small children!!! 
I know that being able to take care of these three little people well is where I need to be. This will afford more protection over Judah and allow us to figure him out as well!
Being a wife to this man is a gift from God! I am grateful he wants a not-so-stressed wife! Freeing me up to love our family better and focus on making our house a home!  
Praise God, that I get each day with my kids! I am so tired right now and constantly on the go taking care of everyone's needs, but it is worth it, even if you find me locking myself in the bathroom from time to time!!! Haha! I really do look forward to being home full time again, but at the same time, I do mourn the loss of my awesome job! I know God is in control and He always will be our Provider! 
For now, I know this is exactly where I need to be! Preferably by a pool simultaneously! Haha! 

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