Preparing Our Home for Christmas!


 It's been fun to try to "take it slow" despite the craze of Christmas! We actually hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year, and got ready for Christmas right before. It allowed for a super calm weekend of getting to rest following Thanksgiving!
 I enjoyed displaying past Christmas cards in frames this year!
 Cai loves helping make smoothies and he gets really excited about pressing the "ICE CRUSHER" button!
 After Cai made us smoothies :)... we headed to the Christmas tree farm Lowe's to get our tree.
 Cai didn't seem to mind one bit, he still thought it was loads of fun picking a tree! We do hope next yer budget will allow the fun of a Christmas tree farm! We enjoy a real tree each year so much! I love our home smelling so fresh!
A Traylor Christmas to you!

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