No Heart beat... Seeing is Believing


In the midst of leading up to Cai's 3rd birthday party this year, having a short notice visit from B's social worker, family flying in town and arriving, I had a doctor's appointment to see my OB for the first time this pregnancy since my ultrasound at 8 weeks.

Life is just so exhausting and feels like a fight each day to get through. I know this season won't last forever (thankfully)! It IS craziness. Feels like pure craziness. I'd like to say I'm getting used to it!

But I'm not.

This baby has decided to make itself VERY well known, because daily, I'm fighting with the fatigue and nausea that I'm praying will lighten over the next couple weeks! Please, Lord!

I found myself laying on the OB table (in all that glory) with my doctor's sonar device, ready to hear this sweet little one's heart beat.

After wiggling this device over my tummy for a few minutes, there was still nothing.

No sound. No heart beat.

I found myself wondering what was going on... where was Hart? Suddenly, I was VERY alone at this doctor's appointment that I thought would be a piece of cake. I felt the baby move yesterday, right? Did something happen?!

The nurse went down the hall to get the handheld ultrasound machine, brought it back, and with relief they see that little baby snug as far back as it could possibly go and leaned all the way to the right.

Oh, Baby Traylor 2, does have a heart beat and it's full on, just between my scar tissue and their snug placement we couldn't hear it. But we could SEE that baby's little heart pumping away, and my heart rejoiced.

How precious and tiny and sweet they looked.

This little one wants to keep me on my toes. I can already tell.

When I finally had time to process all of this, my heart sang praises to God. That doctor's appointment could have gone either way. There really could have been no heart beat, but God is so gracious and kind and good and that little one does have one, and for that we rejoice.

I'm pretty sure this little one just wants to make sure this mama hasn't forgotten about them... 

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