A New Season in Fostering B


I was so excited picking that sweet girl back up from the DSS office. I knew it was right. She is supposed to be in our family right now.

She was in her car seat in the social worker's car and was drinking a bottle. When she saw me, she gave that to-the-side-mouth-grin while still sucking her bottle.

I couldn't stand not picking her up, so I just got her out of the car seat and as soon as I had her in my arms, she just lit up with excitement of being with me again!

Yes, fostering has been tough. I've been frustrated with "the system" more than anything else, but if I don't blog about these sweet moments, then I am doing a disservice to everyone.

Taking the respite to the beach, just our little "permanent" family, allowed me to stop and breathe. It allowed me to focus my thoughts on Jesus and work through remembering that very still small voice that called us to enter down this awkward, most times unpleasant, and strange path of fostering.

Thank you to those who stopped to write and encourage me along with way after my last post! I do admit that I barely have time to respond, but I am grateful for your comments via email, FB, and blog! Thank you for encouraging us! Thank you for coming alongside us and praying for us!

This post from This High Calling: Dear Foster Mama helped tremendously, too! I cried reading it. (I am SO pregnant!) Thanks, Kristy!

I've noticed a big change from before beach to after the beach. Our family has been able to enjoy this sweet girl with full hearts of love towards her, and I think all of us know that this time with her is special, and we wouldn't change it for the world, even though you all know it's been crazy! Haha!
 We love this little monkey butt! She's part of us now! I guess what I am trying to say is that we truly felt like we entered into a new "season"- out of that crazy first month together and into our new norm. I'm also entering my 2nd trimester, so that's good... hopefully my nausea is beginning to slow down! That feels nice!

To God be the Glory! 

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