Our Crazy Eventful 4th of July Memories


This past 4th of July was probably the most hilarious in history of Traylor Family Independence Days. First off, we are coming to fully love and embrace the small town 4th of July loveliness, which included, most certainly a Ducky Dynasty inspired dance float where our little family most certainly tried to pull off a Robertson vibe.
Yes, that is Uncle Si.
Hart's not going to pretend he didn't completely love acting like Willie. Pretty sure he wants to be him, but with less pounds. Or is that my own desire? The less pounds part... I mean.

Cai was completely stunned by this whole parade thing. He loved it, the random camel... things like that. We were able to watch the rest of the very redneck parade together with some of our friends that came.
Cai loved being there with his two best little friends, Charlie and Israel!

Insert the part of the 4th of July where we didn't have a stroller for our toddler and had to walk all the way across the little town of Gilbert in the sweltering heat with tons of bags of stuff. Insert the part where the toddler scrapes his knee on the sidewalk and you can't catch up with your husband, and so that toddler screams so loud the whole way back to the car and you want to throw up because of the heat. Yes, that was really awesome, but thankfully just a very small part, because then we were able to go swimming in the pool, which was a very nice thing after all those said issues.

Later that night, when I was sure we were going to go yet another 4th of July as a parent where you have to put your baby to bed and not get to watch fireworks, except on tv, and we got a call from our friends, The Mather's who invited us over to shoot off some fireworks.

We were excited. I mean, Cai was so excited through his exhaustion that he showed up as Captain America for Parker.

Then, we all sat on the steps while the husbands awed us with their miraculous tricks.

Now, just when we thought it was almost over, the husbands said for us to get ready for the FINALE! Well, a finale it was, ESPECIALLY the part where we had to duck over our poor scared toddlers because 6 different fireworks ricocheted all around us, coming within 4 feet of blowing up right next to us.

Believe us, I have it on video. It was quite hilarious and we are very thankful that God spared us all! 

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