Approved, Not Approved... what the heck is going on!?


Earlier this week, I wrote my amazing social worker and filled her in with what had transpired with us while she was out on vacation.

One thing I have learned in dealing with DSS for over a year now is to COMMUNICATE often... even when you think it may be a little much! 

I wrote her to let her know that we'd received not 1, but 2 calls for children while she was out. I remarked about how thankful we were to be approved. Unfortunately, we are not prepared for a 15 or 12 year old.

Then, she wrote me to tell me that in fact, we are NOT approved or licensed yet. We should not have gotten a call at all, much less 2 calls.

At that point, I was clearly confused. A few more emails and we figured out what happened.

I still don't completely understand, but apparently there is a big list and some of the workers were just calling straight down it and didn't realized it just said "potential" foster family. Something like that.

So, then, all of a sudden, we were back to waiting for our paperwork to be processed.

Then, I spoke with our social worker yesterday, and found out her supervisor needed 1 last missing paperwork.

It felt like icing on the cake that just melted everywhere. Apparently, our 2nd Lead Inspection paper was missing.

Freak out. Pray. Freak out. Pray. Reminding myself to just pray. 

Thankfully, I freaked out over nothing, because our Adoption worker was on top of it and sent it right  over, everything was completely resolved by the afternoon.

That brings us to today, where I found out that our file has now entered into the LAST step, they are heading to the STATE office, and it should take 2 weeks or less to be officially licensed!


I joked with my worker that this is good news, because that gives her just enough time to give us our kid(s) so that they can make it in the Traylor Family Beach photos... we'll see.

Our foster care "sister" family, The Harris', told me that it only took 1 week from the State Office point to be approved.

I joked that the Traylor Family = 5 times as long... haha!

But, the good news is it is happening soon.


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