V's New Job! Foster Care Fire Inspection - Passed!


Back in this post, my sweet husband wrote about how God doesn't want us to be comfortable. Truly, we have been in this season for what feels like years, maybe because it has been years (ha!), but God brought it a little closer to home recently when he "took away" what looked like some financial security.

The cool thing is that in times like these, God has us press right into him more and more, so that we realize that He is taking care of us. It's not up to us, but Christ and we love being able to fully recognize that, even when it's hard to walk by faith.

A couple days ago, I was reading in Cai's kid's devo with him "Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing" by Salley Lloyd-Jones & Jago.

Faith is believing what God says.
Some people think faith is like taking a leap in the dark. That faith is blind. 
But the Bible says it's the opposite. Away from God we are in the dark. That's when we are blind, stumbling around. 

 This completely resonated with my heart. Too often, I  had been feeling like I was in the dark, but I still knew what God said. He would come through. He was in charge. I needed to trust him!


When we come home to God it is not a leap into darkness. 
It is a magnificent leap into light --the light of God's love for us!

God is home. He is the only home we need. His home is full of love,  because He IS love! 
When Hart wrote that post, he had mentioned some sweet ways God has been providing for us, but he wasn't able to mention all the details. 

Well, one of those was that I, Vanessa, actually got a new job! I will be a teacher at Arrows Academy this next year! Actually, maybe I should call it my 2nd job?! 

Let me explain. 

Towards the time when school was ending for most folks, I decided to call Arrows Academy, a school that combines the best of both worlds of a traditional classroom environment and homeschooling infused with Biblical values. I wanted to find out more about their 3K program for Cai. 

Literally, the next thing I knew I had received a teaching agreement to sign for teaching 5th grade core (Literature, History, and Writing), and Spanish for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades. 

It was an answer to our prayers financially as I would be getting a huge pay increase from my current minimum wage job, because I would be using my degree in Spanish and Education. It relieved stress as far as arranging care for Cai. Even though the grandmas have been incredible and so amazing, there are still times when we juggle figuring out care, etc.  In addition, there is a nursery available for any younger children that is willing to work with any foster children we have at incredible rates, since I am teaching. 

Literally everyone, from mommy to Cai to our "beloved babies" get to go to Arrows on Tuesday and Wednesday this next year! 

Now, what did I mean by 2nd job? Well, as of right now, I am still going to be a Creative Sewing employee, just working a bit more behind the scenes with their website/blog that I started for them. To say that I have felt a part of their sewing family is an understatement. While I don't think my calling is selling sewing machines, sewing is a passion of mine and I've loved aspects of my current job very much. While my current boss has been so kind and flexible with me, being a mom and even allowing me to cut back my hours to accommodate being home more, it still just wasn't completely working for our family. 

We committed this to prayer and have been just in awe at how God provided this for us! 

I will be working less and getting paid more. Cai gets some educational opportunities which I know he will thrive in and I get to use a "long lost" passion of mine, Spanish and teaching! It's crazy how it's coming around full circle. 

And, I'm also pretty excited about getting my feet wet within the homeschooling community. I love the foundation of this school and how they support homeschooling. Something I am very interested to find out if is "for us". 

We are also thankful for how God is providing in Hart's job! We are grateful for the title raise that Hart is now the President of Mather Property Management, the rental company side of The Mather Company! He is still the Vice-President of The Mather Company! In addition, God is working out some tremendous details with some of Hart's current clients, details we cannot share at this time, but thankful that things seem to be smoothing out with some of his buyers and some of the current deals that looked like they may not go through! Just keep praying, because real estate is crazy! It keeps us trusting Jesus... that's for sure!

Seriously, who knows the ways of the Lord! He is good though, very good, especially to our sweet family!

OH... and we PASSED our Foster Care Fire Inspection this past Monday! We heard from our Foster Care worker that she will be sending all our paperwork on by the end of this week to her Supervisors to be approved! 


We are hoping to be approved now, as foster parents, in 2 - 3 weeks! Phew! This baby is gonna be pretty amazing and worth the wait... that's for sure!

Thanks for all the prayers, yall are the best!

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