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Today, I was so tired, I actually listened to my body instead of cleaning the bathrooms, and laid down next to Cai when he was taking his nap. I fell asleep for almost an hour. It was glorious and I was grateful for extra time to rest.  I have a feeling I'm going to be getting less sleep soon.

I'm not sure the last time I allowed myself to take a nap. It was sweet looking at my almost 3 year old as he was falling asleep, still avidly sucking that thumb.

There are so many moments in this life where I just wish I could take mental snap shots to save to look at one day, knowing there's no way to savor all these sweet memories, even with how often I do take photographs, there's too much good to remember.

Being a mom is such a gift. It's tiring and exhausting and some moments feel like they will never end, but when they do finally end, you feel as if you could do them all over again, just to see how they pushed and prodded you into being something better.

It's the moments when life slows down just long enough, that you think, this age, this smile, this child in this exact moment is so fleeting and how I just wish I could bottle him up and hold on for dear life. Those moments slip away just as fast as they came and you know that another better moment is waiting just around the corner.

Oh, Lord, might I savor these precious moments with this little only boy I have. I know this time won't last forever.

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