Thanksgiving 2012


We enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving at my Aunt Kathe's house this year! It was laid back, delicious, and perfect. Cai was sort of a punky bruster because he was tired, but we made it through without too many 2 year old melt downs. He was so cute asking when we were going to go to "Ms. Kaffee's house" for Thanksgiving dinner.
Swinging with Grandmama
I love this beautiful crochet hammock! 
And this Thanksgiving was extra special, because my friend, Chen was able to join us! 
We haven't hung out in over a year, but we always have the most fun together laughing! It was great! 
It was also special, because this was the first Thanksgiving that we got to celebrate with Ann-Marie, my brother's fiance! Love her to pieces! 
Very thankful for my Aunt Kathe and Carl for hosting us this year! Now, on to the Traylor-side Thanksgiving on Saturday!

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