Corn Maze 2012


Hart had the fantastic idea to buy us tickets to the Corn Maze out in Gilbert/Lexington area this year! I have to admit.... I was a bit skeptical, but they had SO many other things to do besides wander through dried corn that it was an awesome family time and we were wishing we'd gotten up earlier to get there sooner! Next year, we want to plan to get a group of friends together, because it really was so much fun! We went 2 days before they closed up shop and while the pumpkin patch was rather unimpressive at this time of year, we basically had free range of the whole park area and had no lines and tons of fun!
It was hard to get past the first sandbox filled with corn!
Once we did, Cai drove Hart around on the wooden Tractor.
Then, we each took Cai down this giant slide. It was AWESOME!

 There was lots of digging and swinging.
 Hart crawled in this giant tube and tried rolling it around.
He clearly enjoyed making me laugh!

Then, we went through the kitty corn maze, not the 8 acre, wave your flag around when you get lost one, lol. We didn't think 3.5 miles in a corn maze with a toddler would be a good idea. However, Cai enjoyed running through the corn maze paths to the max!

Someone please tell me my 2 year old is not half as tall as some corn... stop growing up so fast, Cai!
They had this fun activity where you could run around and find the different animals and mark your fingers crazy colors! Cai enjoyed it!
After the Corn Maze, we went to the other side of the farm where there were more kid activities, like a Blow Up Horse rodeo!

Seriously it was so much fun!

 Then, we ran through a house of corn called the Corn Snake!
And Hart and Cai then pretend drove a Combine Harvester.
Meet Redneck Hart... guess this is who Hart would have been if he'd been a gilbert boy... jk
 And that's exactly why I stayed clear of Gilbert boys.

We then moved on to the Swings. Really, it was like one giant playground!

 And the trike speedway.

 Behind them up there were more mazes that kids could run through without getting "lost". The tire maze and the hay maze. We decided we were tired after all of this and headed out! All this fun was only $10! We had a groupon for the maze! Thank you, Hart for dragging us out and making us have lots of fun! It was so worth it all!

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