Low n' Lazy n' Recoverin'


This week we've been fighting off the stomach bug! It was ROUGH! We sent Cai to "school" and then the one negative about sending him somewhere like that... he picked up germs, immediately. This last week was almost enough to not ever let him go back, but I can't live in fear! I pray that I don't get sick again like that this winter, because I ended up in the ER. We've realized that stomach bugs = ER for me. I just can't keep up. I welcomed the IV fluids and magic drugs, just not the never ending ER bills. Thankfully this time, I had enough Zofran, Phenergan, and Lomotil to make it to morning and we went to an Urgent Care, not the actual ER. Lord willing, our bill won't be over $1,000, but I have no idea yet! Cai was sick. Then, Hart had a sore throat and fever. Then, I got sick with the bug. Then, Hart got sick with the bug. No one was exempt. Except Abe. Ha!

However, today we were all feeling better.

Cai is SO two right now. Jeez, that didn't take long! And he's so much like his mommy, it slaps me in the face sometimes!
Hart told him to pick my boogers. No lie.

He repeats everything we say, pretty much. He says, "YEAH! (Repeats what we say)".

We got almost a whole week home with Daddy! Too bad, we were all at home sick. Next time we get almost a week off together... let's go vacation! ha!
This was fun for awhile...
Then, I remembered that I'd just had a stomach bug and this was not so fun anymore... NO MORE NAUSEA!

I don't have much to say, but I hope we have more fun next week! haha!

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