Put Your Record on...


"girl, put your record on... play me your favorite song..."
Cai figured out how to turn his radio on like as soon as he could walk, no lie. He would walk over and push the power button. It's always set to CD, so it automatically just comes on to the first song, which has always been "Tractor Tractor". He never wanted me to change it from that CD until recently. Now he gets a kick out of other songs coming on and wants to change his CDs.
And it doesn't stop there... in the car, he asks for "music" and is starting to get picky. He will tell me "No like it! No! No like it!" if it's a song he doesn't like. So far, he really likes Michael Jackson and doesn't like slow songs much. I've actaully never kept his kiddie CDs in the car... so we listen to the radio and he's developing a music preference. If it's got a good beat, he looks like this...
or this...
And of course, he likes singing his own songs, too.

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