Happy Birthday, Micaiah! TWO YEARS OLD!


Micaiah is TWO today!!! Happy Birthday, sweet boy! We love you more than words can say! We pray that you grow to look more and more like Jesus each and everyday! We pray that you know Him and love Him with all your heart!

Hart and I went into his room this morning and sang "Happy Birthday" all cuddled in his bed. He thoroughly enjoyed the fact that it was finally his birthday. He laid there sucking his thumb with his blanky and smiled. It's a joyful day! We cherish this boy!

We then took him to a special birthday breakfast at Waffle House where we ate waffles, and had some family time, before Hart went to work. They gave him a WH hat to wear.

He thoroughly enjoyed the bacon!

We played the "Happy Birthday" Waffle House song on the jute box! Everyone was so nice to him!

How old are you, Cai?
 "TWO!" And he holds up his two index fingers! Haha! He also picked out his own outfit this morning. He first picked out his favorite "truck" shirt that was a hand-me-down from my friend, Carrie's boys, and then the Reebok shorts to match. Then he wanted to wear his gamecock jersey and his Mickey sticker that says "Happy Birthday". Pretty adorable!

We are going to make his cupcakes when he wakes up from his nap for his birthday party tomorrow out at my mom's house. I'm doing a cowboy themed party. Cai's gift from us is re-doing Hart's barn that his dad made him as a child and giving him some nice farm animals to play with. That gift idea led to a "western" theme, which lead to Cowboy Cai... we are going to have FUN!

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