Home study complete! What a DSS homestudy is like!?


It's such a relief to have our home study DONE! OVER! FINISHED! Whew!

We started this process in January, got serious about it in February, and now in August, we finally have our home study done!

I'm so thankful to the Lord! I'm excited about what lies ahead, giving all fears to Him and trusting him each and every day!

Our social worker is out of the office this week, so next week or the week after, we will hopefully get approved and be "waiting" or "paper pregnant" as they say!

Everyone seems to tell us that we will be waiting "a very long time". My social worker has said "a year or more" to "several years". I'm not sure if some of this is a scare tactic to change our minds or open up our age range, truly a statistic for average wait time, or what, but I honestly don't care. It's in the Lord's hand now for His timing.

And for those of you who are wondering WHAT a DSS Home Study looks like:

-They make sure your paperwork is correct. They ask you a lot of questions making sure what you wrote down was what you meant to write down in your paperwork.  Clear up any unanswered questions.
-They "get to know you" and your family backgrounds a little bit. How long were your parents married? How many siblings you had, etc. How did my husband and I meet? Take in any facts about who we are, what we like to do in our free time, our jobs, etc.
-They check out your house, walk around it, looking at who knows what, look at the room where the adopted child will have. Double check anything that had to be fixed like repairing lead paint or making sure the window truly was installed for your fire inspection.
-The entire family had to be at the first visit. Only myself and our son were at the 2nd visit. The first visit was about 1.5 hrs, the second visit was 5 minutes. Asking if there were any other questions, etc.
-She encouraged me to stay in touch with our social worker at DSS. Told me she was submitting our paperwork that afternoon or the next day, and was out the door.

It really was easy.

I cleaned and prepared, which I am glad I did, but I had a half-finished desk that I was DIYing and it didn't even matter one bit. Really, I don't even think I really needed to have scrubbed my toilets. haha!

Thank you for praying! It's great to have this over and done with! There's only joy, excitement, and love to come! Keep praying for the child/children we will adopt, that God would be keeping them safe and healthy and protected!

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