Home Study at 2!


I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. DSS is not very good at informing or preparing you for things, but I know God has got all things in his hands! We have the same certified investigator as our dear friends, the Hurdles, so I know from them that "she's super nice". I know having that connection will be fun, too.

Our house is pretty much clean, things put where they should be, and I have no idea why it takes me close to 2 days to get things this way! Oh, right! I have a toddler! That's why!

Cai spent the entire day from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm with his MiMi on Friday! It was an amazing day to have the whole house quiet, to myself, and uninterrupted time to get things done, however it made me realize that I'd rather be a "poor" stay at home mom and be home with my children than have more money and have to be away from Cai that entire day, day after day. It's just such a long time to be away from him, when we are usually doing things constantly together. Even days, when I'm wondering if I'm doing enough for him "learning" wise, I realize that the amount of time we sit on the floor playing with his toys or reading books all cuddled up are things I would never trade to have someone else have those experiences day in and day out. Unless, I absolutely, absolutely was forced to, I will be content and thank the Lord that I can be home with him.

All that said, our desk we have been working on is SO close to being done and I was really hoping that we could finish it, but it just isn't going to happen, so I still have that one project laid out on the carport. I hope we don't get docked points, for being in the middle of a DIY project, haha!

While I'm on the topic of Adoption, tonight I asked Cai if he wanted to pray for his sibling, either boy or girl, and he said he did to which he said, "a gurl" "a boy". So, we prayed for them both. 

And as I was checking my email I discovered this article about an amazing Chinese woman-hero that has dedicated her life to saving abandoned babies while rummaging through trash bins. These babies are thrown out by impoverished people that cannot keep them in China due to their one child law. Human babies just thrown away. It is still happening in China. There's even an account of one baby that had it's throat slit and discarded in a trash bag and a person discovered a purple baby, then realized it was still breathing and rushed it to the hospital. You should really read the whole story here. Lou Xiaoying lived in a home like this...
and found the strength and passion to care for children that had just been tossed aside. Too rare and precious for her to leave to just die.
Now on her death bed, she's being lifted up as the amazing woman she is and all the work she has done to save these children while having hardly anything materially.

God always provided for her. I am deeply encouraged by all that she has done and I will have faith that God will always provide for us, too, especially while we are doing what he has called, trusting him to keep walking forth in this calling he has given us.

"I realised if we had strength enough to collect garbage how could we not recycle something as important as human lives" -Lou Xiaoying

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