Traylor Update: Back from the Beach


I have tons of blog posts for this sweet family blog of mine, but I've been a little preoccupied with other things. For one, I'm doing quite a bit of extra blogging on my design blog, Designs By Sessa. I've been co-hosting a shorts sewalong offering prizes for those that sew along. It's been tons of fun, but this week is "my" week to co-host, and has doubled the amount of blogging I normally do in the small amount of Mom time I have to do it! These are the shorts I sewed for the sewalong! Aren't they just fun... haha!
 We also just got back from a beach vacation on Daufuskie Island!
I took my camera, of course, and was the family photographer the entire trip trying to capture everything for a lifetime. We took a tri-pod, so we could get some family shots. More to come, no worries. This post is just a quick little update post, so you don't think I've forgotten you! haha!

In Adoption news: We heard back from our social worker and at first I was a little frustrated. After our fire re-inspection, DSS told us we were 3rd in line for our homestudy. You would think that meant, they have everything together and we were just "waiting", right? Nope. This past Monday I emailed her to check in, since it had been 3 weeks and she wanted me to email her our Fire Inspection reports (which she had told me she would pull offline) and Micaiah's medical form, which I thought had been sent to them in March. After venting a little bit to Hart, and him reminding me of God's perfect will and timing over all of this, and the realization that having children is a lot of work.... jk... I realized that I can patiently wait on all of this to happen. There really isn't a rush and it really is all in God's hands! The latest we have been told is this:

"I had two emergency home studies that came in before yours that had to take priority.  This happens sometimes.  Sometimes we have to push other home studies ahead (if they have children that become legally free).  I already have your file copied and ready to go (I’ve added your fire and Michaiah’s medical form) as soon as I can push this other home study out, I can assign yours out."

I really am fine, as long as, I feel like things are being accomplished. If adopting through DSS, you really have to be willing to wait on them to get their act together, completely hold them accountable, and be okay with their disorganization, that's for sure! But, we still feel like God has called us this particular route, not a private agency, and I think no matter what avenue you adopt,  your patience is tested and there are set backs you don't really anticipate. Adoption is a bumpy ride. But, one worth riding, I'm sure!
We have a 2 months from 2 year old, ie 22 month old! I've got to start planning a birthday party! I'm sure every year will feel this way, but it really just flew by! He's changed so much from when he first turned 1 and I just try to soak it all up! 
We love this little boy more than words can say! 

This particular week, Hart and I are refinishing a giant roll-top desk amidst everything else and I have my dad and Rebecca flying in for the weekend. I'm trying to get the house together, keep Cai busy, and paint in my spare time! I feel a tad bit overwhelmed actually, but it's good. The desk was a huge project and in my mind it didn't seem like such a huge task, haha! That's usual... says Hart! He's a good sport and always helps me quietly do all the millions of DIY projects that I dream up. I really wanted to finish the desk, so that we could move the crib into it's spot in our spare bedroom. Then, I will have a crib and a single bed in that room, ready for whatever age child God brings for us to love forever.

I promise, I'll be back soon and catch you all up on the fun we have in our daily lives, our vacation, and anything else that comes to mind! 

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