The Piano Guys Rock!


Hey everyone, I came across a video by these guys named "The Piano Guys". I really enjoyed the video and started watching their other stuff on Youtube and found a lot of their stuff to be 1) really good and 2) very creative. I've snooped around their website and it appears that it's just 2 guys, 1 who plays the piano and the other on cello. Some of their stuff is renditions of current pop. music. Other stuff is renditions of classical music. And some times it's a combination of the 2. What's really neat is these guys arrange the music themselves and from my understanding, everything you hear, they're performing it themselves. You'll kinda get a sense of it when you watch their videos, because you'll see in one shot the cello player is playing his acoustic cello with a bow, and then in another shot you'll see him playing an electric cello like a bass, and in another you'll see him drumming on his cello to get the percussion. The videos are also done extremely well. One thing I really enjoy is how they do multiple recordings of the guys playing their instruments in different ways, and then merge the videos together to make it look like they're all on the set at the same time. I've embedded several of my favorites below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! - Hart

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(I guess in this one they've got 3 other guys helping them)

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