Lots of Swimming & Summer things I love!


We've already been having a blast this swimming season at MiMi and Pop's (Hart's parent's) pool!
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We are so blessed in this HOT South Carolina weather to have a cool place to enjoy and praise God in!
 Cai does SO great in his Puddle Jumper! At first he was so wobbly floating around in the pool, but now he just swims all around the pool (almost) by himself!
This is probably my favorite pool item for toddlers/children. I just love the reassurance that it is a certified life jacket and it just holds them up so well out of the water! They do have to get used to it, but Cai is so much more independent in the pool because of it!
Uncle Tyler came for a swim not long ago and we had a blast playing with him!
I also love having my dslr. I mean moments like this SHOULD be captured for a lifetime, for sure!
Hart has done a good job swimming with us, so far! He said he felt like he didn't make enough of an effort last summer and Cai has really enjoyed his fun in the pool with Daddy!
I have to admit that going to one nap is so great in the summer! Last summer, I just felt like I couldn't ever really leave home to have fun in the sun!
We are also really enjoying having friends come over to join us at times! Baby Cohen in Cai's infant float from last summer!
And of course, we love...
 the freedom to just pee in the grass.

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