Giant Slide!


God has really blessed me with having the opportunity to show His love to some sweet children in our neighborhood. We play outside nearly everyday with our neighbors and two of the girls invited us to their birthday party!!! All 3 of us went to their party and they had rented an 18 foot slide. The thing with having a toddler is that you can't really let them go alone, but you can't really NOT let them do things like this either... or maybe that's what I keep telling myself was the "real reason" I went down it again and again... for my child, of course! haha!
Taking the plunge....

He liked it!
Little Mia!
It was also a swim party! Cai LOVES Ree-Ree! He still goes crazy when he sees them & can't wait to play with them. While I don't know how long it will last that the big kids tolerate him following after them, I'm thankful that they take such good care of each other! Ree Ree has only been "mean" to him (basically avoiding Cai) one time, but God used it as an opportunity to talk about how we have to be friends with everyone and things like that. It was neat to see God working in things like this.
The girls have a pool, but there was no way I was going in. The water looked so nasty. So I daringly let Cai in with the other kids, both Hart and I stayed on either side and he wore swimmies. They did a great job taking care of him. Cai loved that Ree Ree floated him around the pool.
Then, was back to the slide. It went Pool, Slide, pool, slide, etc. back and forth.
Ree Ree took Cai up and went down solo several times. He had a blast.
These kids really take such good care of each other.
Once at the bottom, they would laugh and laugh. They had a great time.

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