Mother's Day Take 2


According to this blog post, last Mother's Day was not my favorite. It's funny re-reading your old blog posts, just like re-reading a journal, because you can see how you have grown as a person in just one year and more importantly how you've grown as a mom, which I'm sure just gets better with time.

Last May, Micaiah was an absolutely adorable little slobbery 8 month old. 
Who, according to the post, was making me completely exhausted because he was napping wonky and wasn't sleeping well at night. What's hilarious, is if I hadn't read that post, I honestly would NOT have remembered those details about the day, because the truth is as a mother, you forget that stuff. You look at a picture like the one above and just see one cute baby that you just want to grab out of the picture and hold again. You don't remember not sleeping or how fussy they were, because they bring so much joy and love into your heart. No, I wouldn't trade being a mama for anything in the entire world.

This Mother's Day, I see so much joy in my life getting the privilege of being a mom, and was spoiled by my two boys. They make loving them easy.
 Sharing cookies....
 Sharing laughs...
This is what he does when you say "SMILE". He says "CHEESE!!!"

I'm thankful for my mama and for my MIL, Jane, for the examples they set for our families and for how blessed I am to have them in our lives!

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