Daddy in the CRIB!


Just recently, I was talking to another mom about how funny your kids think it is when you climb in their crib. She was like "You get in your baby's crib?" I was like, "You don't?" I thought that was normal, no?

Well, in the Traylor house, we climb in our baby's crib ALL.THE.TIME. Actually, MOMMY crawls into Cai's crib ALL.THE.TIME! Daddy surprised us after bath one night and was IN Micaiah's crib, too. 
 Kind of a tight fit, Hart!
Then, the other night after getting a bath, we couldn't find Daddy. Lo and behold, he was hiding under EVERY blanket and stuffed animal he could find IN Cai's crib AGAIN! Cai thought it was hilarious trying to find Daddy.
My little nakey boy trying to find Daddy!!!
 Trying to get in with Daddy!
 Can you see him?
 There he is!
 Micaiah has tons of friends who like to sleep with him!
 Then, Daddy started throwing everything out of the bed! He loved it! Bedtime is fun in our house!

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