Adoption Training Complete! Woot!


Adoption Training is Complete! Woot! Last Saturday we finished our 14 hours of training! We had a great experience with our teacher, Mrs. Jay and our newest adoptee friends that we met in the class, Eric and Alisha!

 "This is Mrs. Jay and she loves Jesus!" She made us play a game and literally everyone had to go around and repeat names and say what the other people said. Everyone in the room had to say that line above!
It was a lot of fun! Alisha blogs here and has the cutest little boy, too! They are believers and it was a joy having them alongside of us in class!

In other adoption news, we are still waiting on DHEC. I called a couple weeks ago and they said "11 ahead of you". I'm going to call Monday to find out where they are with things, but hopefully any day now I will be getting a call for our 1st of 2 inspections before our homestudy. It was a blessing to receive our fire extinguisher at our training! Mrs. Jeffers, the supervisor just showed up with them for our entire class! We were thrilled!

On our home front, we have been trying to prepare the house the best we can. Hart installed 2 fire alarms today (we still need 1 more!) and we need to child proof our cabinets where cleaning supplies are. Nope, we haven't done that yet. We just have taught Micaiah he's not allowed to go in there, which works most of the time. :) Hart also took down our vinyl mini-blinds from our kitchen dining area, because they could have possibly contained lead. We think it's kind of ridiculous, but I'm happy that we are finally getting around to buying more faux 2'' wood blinds to match the back of the house!

Today, we also took a pile of items to be donated in an effort to declutter and clear out space for another little one at some point in the next year! At least, that's what I'm hoping! I'm constantly decluttering everything, but I'm really trying to rethink our spaces and how we will fit another crib/bed in our house with all of our craft and music spaces.  I may need to enlist Anne for some more ideas soon!

Please pray that I won't worry about our lead inspection. Some paint is chipping/peeling off the outside trim along the back of the house and I'm a little freaked out it might mean we have to repaint our whole house, which probably needs to be done at some point anyways, just hopefully not this year! I'm just trying to rest in the Lord and know he will take care of everything! Even if we fail our lead inspection, it will be okay, and doesn't mean we can't adopt, we just would have to rectify whatever it is first, which is okay!

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