Happy 18 Months, Micaiah!


Wow!!! Micaiah is 18 months old today! It is absolutely crazy to be here! I honestly had the HARDEST time picturing what 18 months would look like when Micaiah was first born and now it's hard to remember what he was like as a baby, because he has definitely been changing into a little boy!
Most things are the same as the last few months, but he is definitely talking more every day. He tries new words we say out and often times that is all it takes for it to be a new loved word. As of lately he is saying little phrases like "Wuv you" or "See you" (for See you later) and when he has to go somewhere he says "Bye Bye Cai". He's starting to use some of his words for things he is used to signing like "Please" or "More", too. He loves to point out the "trucks" going places on the road or just play with his cars and trucks. We actually have ALL of Hart's old firewheels cars or matchbox cars and as soon as we got them down from the attic for him to play with he went crazy and loved them all. He will set them all out in rows or try to put them in weird places, like on Abe's back!
He's also still a little bit of a fussy boy lately and has had a harder time sleeping and things like that. I think he is just changing so rapidly right now and he just has so much energy, he just is having a bit of trouble at times and that makes him a little more fussy. He's still sleeping all night about 12 hours and doing one nap of about 2ish hours.
This one has a little sweet tooth like his Mama! Uh Oh! In our potty training, we give out an M&M for a good job well done. However, we have caught him stealing M&Ms between potty breaks. He sneaks into the bathroom and helps himself, so I've had to move the M&M dispenser to the cabinet! Or how about the other day when Hart and I were in the kitchen. I was opening the fridge getting out ingredients for our meal and didn't even see what Micaiah took...

Pretty sure he got drunk on Hershey's syrup, before Hart and I even realized what happened!

He sure makes us laugh and makes our days full of love! We can't believe how fast he is growing up and the joy he is to our family. We are definitely trying to enjoy this time as a family of 3 while we can!

We love you, sweet boy! We are so blessed by God to have you as our son! We pray that you would love and know Jesus with all your Hart!

(All photos taken at one of Micaiah's little friend, Thatcher, who had a "Little Man Bow Tie" themed Party! She asked me to be the photographer of the day! I had a good ole time getting some fun pictures to share with you!)

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