Back in Cloth, Baby!


Yes, it is true. We are back in our cloth diapers. And Cai is just as cute as before with that diaper booty!
After our rather tragic end and my frustrations with cloth diapering, I really went back and forth on if I should sell the stash we had or not. Hart told me not to feel bad about the fact that we were holding onto our cloth diapers, because we may use them again. I'm very glad we did NOT sell them!

Most of you know that we have been doing early potty training. In doing early potty training, you have to have a lot of patience. Patience = Potty Training. Period, but even more so, when starting a 16 month old on their potty. However, I have absolutely NO regrets. Micaiah has used less and less diapers the last 2 months and has just started actually TELLING me he has to go potty within the last day or so. We are very proud of him!

This past Wednesday, I went to a girl's craft night and had an awesome time hanging out with some friends. A friend, Ashley H. gave me a potty training video made by Pull ups. One thing that it mentioned, that we were NOT doing, was to make the switch from diapers to training pants. Obviously it recommended Pull- ups.

I thought about this and the research they showed and how they had said NEVER switch back to diapers, because it will prolong your potty training. Was it a ploy for making them more money? Or was there some truth behind this idea.

I decided that it actually made a lot of sense. If I kept him in diapers (the thing he was used to peeing and pooping in) and then just all of a sudden expected him NOT to do those things, well, that is obviously going to be frustrating for both of us. He doesn't know he shouldn't go in them and me telling him not to, probably doesn't make much sense when he has been able to go in them for almost 18 months!

So, now we are using Pull ups for when we go out and at night and Cloth at home during the day and naps and we call them "Big Boy Pants! not diapers" Honestly, I really think it has made a big difference this past week. And the biggest difference has been using the cloth.

Obviously Micaiah didn't remember wearing his cloth diapers, so we had an advantage. I showed him his cloth diapers and he felt how soft they were. I told them they were his "Big Boy Pants" and that he doesn't need to go pee pee or poop in them. I asked him where his pee pee and poop goes and he pointed to the toilet. I praised him for understanding all that and will remind him every so often of these things. I KNOW he can feel the difference in the cloth and the feel of diapers and honestly the pull ups feel so much like diapers I really think he reverts back to thinking he can pee or poop in them, as well.

He's not perfect, but the amount of his accidents has decreased since switching and he HAS been more vocal about telling us and for that we are happy.
So, yes, it is more laundry, but I figure cloth is one step closer to underwear and that can't be but a few more months away! Yipppeeee!

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