Weekend Together


How's your weekend going? We've already been rather busy, yet able to enjoy life as a family of 3, too! Here's a glimpse!
The first picture there of Cai and the guitars...well, I asked Hart to grab Cai some pants and he came back with camo ones....He was already wearing a green tractor shirt....he looked SO redneck! And he pooped on our guest bed this weekend (RIGHT NEXT TO ME!) It was pretty hilarious and thankfully only on a throw blanket that was easily washed.... lesson learned!

Going across the row left to right: We have almost completed our adoption paperwork! Hooray! 
Cai and Abe played outside a lot and on our hammock! We set up our fingerprinting and have that this coming week! Another hooray!

I attended a Ladies' Brunch at church and loved my friend, Elizabeth's shoes...they were from India! Her parents are missionaries there! Aren't they fun?

I also made a new friend (Laura!). Hart showed her and her husband houses this past week and I got to meet her at the brunch! We like them lots!

Hart teased me with that new look up there. He told me he was leaving his side burns that long. YUCK!!!

I worked on some hand embroidery in my free time...lol...what's that!

Then, we went to Buy Buy Baby and bought a portable fold up potty for the diaper bag and a potty book for Cai. And let me go ahead and mention here that I did NOT mean to rock the boat as far as early potty training goes! Cai is not telling me he has to go yet, but I am trying a little bit each day to get him to go on the potty. My hope is that he will catch on sooner than later. He normally pees in his potty (for an M&M) about 2 times a day right now, but sometimes more. I will let him run around naked for an hour or two at a time, but also put a diaper on him. We talk a lot about going potty and that as soon as he recognizes the "potty feeling" he needs to tell mommy, but I know he doesn't understand me right now or get it. I say things like "Poop goes in the POTTY" a whole lot right now. I'm trying not to pressure him, but I do know he is more aware of his body than I give him credit. He will get quiet when he has to pee or poop and I have to be ready to "catch" him when he does!

Lastly, we ate at mi favorito...Casa Linda for dinner tonight! Fue muy bueno! I love Casa Linda and Hart found me a coupon on living social for $10 for $20...they ended up giving us our entire meal free, which has happened two times there now. Maybe it is a little secret that they don't know how to work their own coupons? Yes, I think it is true.

And we "ran around" everywhere looking for Hart some new running shoes.... he's interested in the Vibram Five Fingers, but isn't completely convinced if they are a fad or whatnot.

I also figured out some camera dslr secrets, which led me to practicing my dslr skills like mad...wanna know what they are?

Lenses have sweet spots...usually 1 or 2 stops higher than the lowest aperture. So instead of shooting wide open all the time, try shooting a couple fstops smaller (larger aperture number) than the lowest one.

I use my Canon 50mm all the time now, but was a little frustrated with why some of my pictures will turn out kind of blurred just a smidge and after I started shooting in my "sweet spot", I could really tell the difference. The other little secret is that apparently there are rules for your shutter speed and what number you should not go below according to each lens you use. With the 50 mm, you shouldn't have a shutter speed lower than a 60 or else your images may not be as sharp. This means you have to play with the ISO a bit and figure out the right lighting, but overall both of these little things made a huge difference in my photo quality this weekend!

So that's it. Hoping tomorrow is a lazy Sunday where we can all rest!

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