Papa Visit


My dad came for a visit this past week and we really enjoyed our time together! Micaiah learned how to say "PaPa" and honestly, it was CLEAR, that he LOVES his PaPa! I didn't tote my camera around too much, but we enjoyed dinner out at the Olive Garden one night and we all went to the Edventure museum one day, too. The first day he got here, we spent some time enjoying the weather and backyard and I took lots of pictures!
Figuring out my right shutter speed for swinging pictures was a little tough, but not that bad once I got the hang of it.
We are all so proud of Tyler! He just got offered a job working for Target as their security manager or something like that! It's a great job with great benefits!
I think it's pretty obvious that Cai loves his "unc"... or at least... poking him in the eye!
This is my daddy! We love him muchisimo!
It's pretty  clear that Cai is the center of our attention! He eats it up, too! Don't know what he is going to do when he has to share that with other siblings! haha!
We are going to miss being together until the next time!

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