Potty Training Update


So, things are going rather well for doing early potty training, but I feel like the last few days I have been a little slack with putting him on his potty. I would say Micaiah will use his potty about 40% of the time right now. I will say that I don't know what method is best. I see pros and cons to all methods, so my gut is telling me to pick one way and stick to it. Ours has been a gradual teaching method, but within 5 days I saw results of him going to the potty. That has not always been the case, but some.

At first I did let him go without a diaper naked. This allowed me to catch him in the act and scoop him up and put him on the potty. After several days of doing this, he actually went to his potty himself and picked up the insert like he had to go. I put him on the potty and he went in it. OR he would EYE his potty, as long as it were in the same room. He would kind of look at it and then I knew it was time to go on it. I want to go back to this method and be more consistent when it warms back up a little bit.

The other day I had gotten him up from his nap and he just had a wet diaper, so I was changing him. He looked at me and shook his little finger and said, "Na, no, na, no, no!" I looked at him with those squinty mama eyes and realized...OH! HE has to POOP and he's about to GO NOW! I put him on his potty and yes, he did have to go then.

So, he is recognizing when he has to go AND has drawn the connection that he shouldn't go in his diaper. This does NOT mean he always tells me, but he will sometimes. Other times I just hear him about to go making those grunts and I strip him down and he goes in the potty.

He has started to say "YAY!!!!" when he goes in his potty. And we still use M&Ms as positive reinforcement.

We work on potty training when home. I leave his diaper on him now and just take him to the potty every hour or so. Sometimes he has already gone a little in his diaper. Sometime he stays dry for awhile and uses his potty consecutively and we only keep one diaper on him for hours at a time, because he doesn't go in it! (That's what this mama is talking about! Whoo!)

So, I would definitely say we are making progress and while it is slow, I would say he is learning and that is a good thing. I still am hoping he will be out of diapers by the time he turns 2. Let's pray that is the case! I keep hearing about 4 year olds that still aren't potty trained. Doesn't that just seem so old? They've got attitudes at 4, too! Hoping to avoid that!

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