Micaiah - 17 months!


Micaiah at 17 months is SO full of life and SO fun!!! I haven't blogged this past week much over here, because we have had the BEST time spending time with Naomi and Aunt Hannah here from Greenville!

Micaiah turned 17 months, but we did have his 15 month appointment this week. We are a little behind due to him being so sick around that time with borderline pneumonia and ear infections!  He had to get a couple shots today and really did great.

He is 98th for height and 70th for weight! He's 34 3/4 inches long and really just seems so tall to everyone!
He is such a little toddler running around everywhere! He has been running around touching everything he can get his little hands on and I'm chasing him everywhere, too. He's such a sweet boy and really just wants to please.
He's talking up a storm, too.

Some of the words he has been saying have been:
  • Mama
  • Dada and Daddy
  • Dog and Doggy
  • Cow and Moo
  • Cold and Hot
  • sheep and "maaa" 
  • Juice, milk, cheese, water (wa-wa), ice, ice cream, cookie,
  • truck, choo choo, car, tractor,
  • ball, 
  • okay, no,
  • Most animal SOUNDS: ruff ruff, roar, tiger, meow (cat), oo-oo-ah-ah (monkey), neigh
  • geegle geegle geegle (who knows what this means, but he loves to chant this) 
  • Bye-bye 
 He signs: please, all done (at times, but mostly just grabs and shakes his tray to get down!), thank you

He will point out most of his animals and will say their sounds. He thinks a giraffe says "neigh" like a horse! haha! It's most funny at the zoo around other people when he runs at the giraffe screaming NEIGH!!! NEIGH!!! 
He's wearing size 2T clothes and weighs 27lbs. He eats well. He loves vegetables of any kind and will eat most fruits. He's not a big meat eater, but does like it sparingly. His favorite meal is probably spaghetti. He has a sweet tooth, too. He loves anything cookie, candy, or ice cream...he's kind of got his mama's appetite come to think of it! 
 He LOVES, and I mean, LOVES, "Tractor Tractor" on the Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies by Andrew Peterson. He will run around and point to wherever he has heard this song come out (ipod, tv, computer, radio) and say "Trac-duh trac-duch" until we play the song he wants to hear! I am purposefully NOT playing it in the car, so I have ONE place he can't drive me insane with it! haha! He also bobs his head and does some pretty awesome little dance moves when he hears a good beat. This boy has dancing in his bones!
He also loves electronics and "talking" on the phone. He will say "uh huh, okay, okay" and has also been known to go get in his cozy coupe on his 'cell phone'.
It's awesome seeing his little personality coming out. He's doing really well getting dropped off places finally, like the gym or church nursery, but is still a pretty big little mama's boy. He does love his daddy lots, too. He will get so excited waiting for Hart to come home at the end of the day! 

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