First off, Naomi had long enough hair this visit for pig tails... um, really...? It was pretty adorable!
I love them! haha!

During the day, we would put on music and the kids would just DANCE! Micaiah impressed us with some pretty awesome little hip bumps!
Then, there was more hugs, of course!
More getting giggy-with-it!
"Dig in, dig in, dig you're looking for GOLD!" (Nuggets of gold from the Sovereign Grace Kids cd)
I'm telling you... some dips and a little bouncin'... this boy has some moves!
 Nothing like a little yoga afterwards to stretch out the muscles! We would tell Naomi to "Do her stretch" and this is what she would do! haha!
No dance would be complete without a tackle to the floor...
Whew! What a dance!!!

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