4th Annual Leftwich Oscar Party


Sunday night was the Oscars aka the famous Leftwich Oscar Party that our friends throw every year! This was our first year being able to attend and we had a BLAST, as you can probably tell from the above picture!

I was Abeline from, The Help...hence the afro wig. Hart was Harry Potter and Micaiah was the panda from Kung Fu Panda! We scurried around the house trying to find last minute costumes and they were a huge hit at the party. Everyone thought my wig was hilarious...as did I! It was pretty fun getting it out of the attic! Now you know what I look like with an afro! haha!

Brianne puts so much into her party and it is AWESOME!
This year they even had a REAL oscar trophy to give out to whoever won the most points from their ballot! Brianne has quite a spread of food and hand draws all of the movie posters herself! They have a red carpet and even had a photographer taking your picture as you walk down the aisle! Everyone fills out a ballot and whoever wins the most points gets the trophy until the following year!

Micaiah was definitely the cutest one there in his Kung Fu Panda outfit! He practiced his karate skills on their bed...

Now that we have attended...there is no way we will miss this! Hopefully next year we can actually stay to WATCH the Oscars... Micaiah was already beat and ready for bed after the pre-oscar business happened, so we had to head home!
Until next year....

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