You might be a mom IF...


Lately I have caught myself doing things where I think... wow... I would only do this if I were a MOM! I have no idea if other people do these things and I might be completely weirrd, but because I seem to share a lot on this blog, I thought you might enjoy some of them!

You might be a mom IF....

  • You eat your morning eggs with you child's baby spoon that quite possible could have been thrown on the floor already. 
  • You take a bubble bath using Mr. Bubbles AND it is quite possible your baby also enjoyed that same bubble bath. 
  • Applesauce and bananas are two new staples in your house. 
  • You only wash clothes with Free & Clear detergent
  • You wear your hair in a pony tail almost every day, in fact, the last time you straightened your hair was probably before baby. 
  • You tell poop "Bye Bye" before flushing the toilet. 
  • You climb in your baby's crib at least once a week to "surprise them" and they giggle! 
  • Almost every time you shop at Target you browse the children's clearance rack INSTEAD of the women's clearance rack and you ALWAYS buy a box of diapers before leaving the store! 
  • You hold that baby extra long some nights while they fall asleep in your arms. You can't get enough of those sweet cuddles, despite being tired and "ready" for them to GO TO BED!
 Any others you do that should be on my list?! Any that are just plain odd to you!?

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