Gas Leak! Eek!


Hart's mom came over this past Tuesday and as she got out of her car, she smelled gas. Then, my brother in law got out of the car and he smelled it, too! We decided to call SCE&G to come check to make sure nothing was wrong with our gas line. They came and sure enough, detected a gas leak! Yikes!

What's crazy is that where the gas leak was is pretty close to our neighbor's driveway. They have all sorts of people come over and I see them smoking! They could have easily flicked a cigarette in our yard and I am so thankful to the Lord for not allowing anything to happen while this leak was occurring! He is our right guard and He protects us, for sure!

Cai enjoyed watching from our big window!
I asked them as nicely as I could to please not kill my palm tree! Praise the Lord that the gas line was just to the right of it!
Due to the horrible shape that our lines were in, we qualified for getting a whole new gas line in the coming months. I will be happier to know we will all be a little safer!

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