Jane is 57!


 We celebrated Hart's mom's birthday last Thursday! Hart's dad took us all out to eat at Cracker Barrel and we had a great time laughing and celebrating with Jane! I apologize for the bad photo quality... there wasn't really any good lighting in the restaurant!
 I had this butterfly yard ornament sitting on Jane's menu when she walked in. Just a little something special.

She arrived in typical Jane fashion....
She loved her butterfly.
And hung it everywhere...
She felt very blessed to be surrounded by her children and grandchildren.
The babies loved their big cups with straws and coloring! 

We are very thankful to the Lord for Jane! She helps everyone she knows and is always there when you need her to talk. She is a prayer warrior and loves the Lord! She keeps Cai for us every Tuesday and is a joy to be around! I couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law!

At the end of our meal, we heard a little girl screaming. We looked over to see the mother of the little girl ripping her shirt off. Her mom had spilled scalding hot coffee on the little girl and raced her out to the bathroom. Jane went after her and then told the mom to run the little girl to the emergency room. She had 3rd degree burns and her skin just slid off under the cold water. Praise God we were right across the street from an ER and that God provided Jane to that family, even on her birthday! I truly believe Jane is a blessing to all she meets.

We are praying for many more years for Jane, for her cancer to stay slow-going, for her diabetes to stay low, and for her to be healthy, so that she can enjoy many more years to come and the other grand babies that are sure to come along the way!

Happy Birthday, Jane!

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