16 Month Photo shoot {Part 1}


After Cai's 16 month summary, I realized that I hadn't taken him outside at all last month and done what I like to call "our little photo shoot". Shame on me as a Mama! haha! I really love my camera. I feel so blessed to have it and to be learning a lot about photography. I'm glad I don't miss those little moments anymore and have another hobby to grow into! I took all of these photos manually. It takes me 2 x as long to actually take the picture when adjusting my shutter speed, too, but now I'm even getting the hang of manual focus and auto focus annoys me. If Cai is really on the move, then I use AF, but if he is just sitting somewhere, then I can use manual focus and focus more on what I actually want. All of these are with my 50 mm lens and I seem to just stay at a f/1.8. One day I will have a 24mm lens and explore other options. For now, this works for me.

Not gonna lie... 16 months he has been a fussy butt quite a bit.
It's really not cute. Haha! But we have a lot of sweet moments, too. This AM eating "go-gut" as he likes to say.
Eating yogurt is a spoon and hand affair.
And who needs pants, anyways?
After bfast we play.
Our living room most days... love these messes that won't always be there forever.

Making the cars go "Vroom" "Vroom"
To be continued.... outside... tomorrow.

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