Christmas was sweet this year! First thing Christmas morning, Hart and I were actually finishing up a present for our parents. A compilation of all of our home videos for Micaiah's whole first year of life. We were busy exporting and burning the dvds! Hart is really good at that type of thing! I'm thankful, because he also compiled our wedding videos and we watched them for the first time this past 3rd wedding anniversary! Yes! It had been 3 years, before we watched them! Due to the fact that they were in a weird format and all broken down! We finally got most of that present done and then went and opened presents!

My dad gave Cai a play cell phone, which he has LOVED! He actually went and got in his Cozy Coupe car and "talked" on it. I may need to watch my bad habits!
Abe got his fair share of goodies and hoarded them away from all of us! I thought giving him two bones was a lot. Then, Uncle Tyler showed up with this thing!!!
It seriously looked like a dinosaur bone lying on my living room rug. I let Abe indulge the morning of Christmas, but that that huge thing went outside! I couldn't get over some giant animal leg in my house! Abe sure does love his Uncle Tyler!
Our "big" gift to Micaiah was a Mega Blocks set, which cost $15. We honestly didn't feel the need to spend a bunch of money on Christmas for him, especially while he was so young. He has SO many toys already and we knew the grandparents would deliver. Which they DID, for sure!
 Not pictured is the adorable stuffed bear that was already fast asleep with Cai in his crib that his Uncle Tyler and Ann-Marie gave him!

I also found these wooden cars at the Dollar Tree and in the $1 bin at Target. I thought they were so cool and for only $1, I got him 5. He LOVES them!

Hart's parents came over around 10:30 am on Christmas morning and we ate a delicious brunch together that we had prepared for them. They gave both Naomi and Cai these adorable Fisher Price Little People Noah's Ark with 2 extra sets of animals. This has been an amazing present! Cai will sit on his blanket in our kitchen and play with these for almost 15 minutes!
We gave both sets of parents the DVD home video compilation and a picture book of this past year!
They also gave Cai a pillow pet! He loved that, too!
Like I said... he was blessed beyond measure!
Cai took a rather short nap on Christmas. I think he was too riled up with all the excitement and everywhere he turned was a new toy to play with! After he woke up, we headed out to my family's house to eat a delicious dinner.
(My step dad and uncle carl) 

Uncle Hunter gave Micaiah an awesome Leap frog learning toy and also this cool barnyard magnetic thing that sticks to the fridge and plays music! He LOVES THIS TOY! He goes over to the fridge and plays the music and bounces and puts all the animals in it. (I'm getting this for Nola Robnett if she doesn't have one for her first birthday btw!) It keeps him busy while I am in the kitchen, too! 

I loved having Tyler's girlfriend, Ann-Marie this Christmas! She is such a beautiful girl inside and out!
 Micaiah was actually sick on Christmas. He had some kind of chest cold and got pretty fussy later in the day, but I still enjoyed him muchisimo! 
I do not know why I don't have a good picture of this... Oh right... I was video taping it, but for Christmas I employed my step-dad to help me get a signed baseball by Ray Tanner! He not only accomplished this task, but got stuck in an elevator while doing it! Thank you so much Bear-Bear for helping me! Hart LOVES his baseball! 

My Aunt Kathe brought a birthday cake for Jesus! Cai really enjoyed eating it! 

At some point on Christmas, Cai lost his pants... more like fussed and so we didn't put them back on! Then, he started playing the drums and it was hilarious that he was half-naked! His Uncle Hunter, a drummer, was very impressed with his skills. 
Daddy jumped in, too. 
My mom was so thrilled he was playing with all the things she put under the tree just for him to play with and she also gave Cai a cute Dr. Suess back pack full of Dr. Suess books and a big boy stool for when he starts going potty. 
I was surprised to find out my board book version of "Mr. Brown Can Moo" is actually quite abbreviated! Glad to have the WHOLE book, too! 
While I know I posted all about Cai's Christmas gifts in this post, this post really doesn't reflect our hearts. We loved having our son to share the true meaning of Christmas with and loved being able to spend time with our families and cherish the fact that Christ came to live like us and was yet without sin. He came. He died for us, carrying all of our sin, so that we can live with Him! I pray you were blessed this Christmas and that your Christmas reflected the true meaning in Christ!
Yep.... all in plaid.... we are cool like that!

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