Christmas Eve {2011}... Song of the Stars Tradition


I grew up on Christmas Eve opening one present and so when I announced to Hart and Micaiah it was TIME to open up one gift, we rushed over to the tree excitedly!
Hart and I wanted Cai to open up a gift, particularly one that we want to start reading every Christmas Eve with our children. We ordered the Song of the Stars book by Sally Lloyd-Jones, because we LOVE our Jesus Storybook Bible so much. He LOVED it, immensely, too!
 I love how this book points towards the reason we celebrate Christmas and shows how all of creation was getting ready for the birth of our Savior. It also shows a lot of animals and Cai is really into animals right now.
"It's TIME! It's TIME!"
I read the first half, then Hart and I switched and he read the second half. I seriously love this next picture!
Cai got so excited during the book he started jumping up and down like this...
I think he liked it... Haha!
Micaiah roared like the lion. He's too cute at this age! Aren't the pictures so pretty?
Then, it was time for bed! I think this is the perfect book to read the night before Christmas, for sure!

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