Yucky Throw up


Two nights ago, we finally felt like what it was like to experience a vomiting child. I feel very blessed that this is the first time in almost 15 month that Micaiah has ever thrown up. it was not fun. We put Cai down around 6:30 pm for bed at Hart's parents house. Cai is transitioning from two to one naps and is in need of early bedtimes rather frequently. We hung out with family that evening and watched It's a Wonderful Life, then woke him up to head home. We put him back to bed at home and he went to sleep fine. We went to bed around 12 and were asleep 2.5 hours, before it became a vomiting nightmare.

I heard screaming and choking in my sleep and jolted up. Something didn't sound right. I raced into his room in the dark. The light bulb in his overhead light had burned out earlier in the day and in my sleep stumble I just grabbed Micaiah's blanket and went to pick him up, when I realized he sounded more like he was vomiting. I flipped the lamp light on and sure enough, the poor thing had thrown up all over himself.

We gave him a bath, changed clothes. I showered and then we came out to the living room and just watched him a little bit to make sure he was okay. He threw up again, all over the second set of pajamas. So we cleaned him up again and held him in our arms while we watched an episode of the Office at 3 am. I lost count of how many times he would act completely normal, then cry, then barf everywhere.

By closer to 4 am, I called Hart's mom to talk to her about the amount he was throwing up and what to do. She suggested slowly giving him some ice chips and if he did okay with that a sip or two of pedialyte. We held him in our bed and I gave him some ice chips.

I'm not sure how long it took, before even that was too much for his little system and we were back to throwing up 3 - 5 more times. I would hold him in the rocking char in his room, he would finally fall asleep hard, so I would pick him up, but him in his crib and go lie down myself. I would almost be asleep, when I would hear him wake up cry and vomit again. By this point in the night or was it morning? he had nothing left to throw up, so thankfully it was just dry heeving for the most part. He would pass out on me, wake up, vomit on the towel on me and pass back out. It was pitiful.

I didn't get any sleep, but I thought about how wonderful it was that I got to be his mommy, even in moments like this and how the Lord has given him to me to care for. Hart was so sweet to help most of the night, too, but I told him he needed to go to bed, so that I could sleep in the morning. We switched about 7 am and I slept until 12:30 pm.

Thankfully, he seemed all better when I got up later that day. He took a 3 hour nap and was pretty much back to normal. He loved gatorade and got to drink as much juice as he wanted yesterday, which made him a very happy camper!

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